30 lbs in 6 Weeks? Flex Dieting at its Best!

Last week, I received a very heartfelt and touching email from a reader. It was the kind of message that reminds me of why I decided to take up blogging in the first place.

Although I won’t republish the entire thing, I did want to share a little passage that apparently was inspired from the 400 Calorie Fixed blog post I wrote a few years ago.

Because of your recipes, I lost 30 pounds in 6 weeks and still haven’t gained it back (it has been over 6 months).

My husband lost over 10 pounds – but more importantly his *** CHOLESTEROL TOTAL went DOWN 100 points and his TRIGLYCERIDES also went DOWN 100 points.*** He had his cholesterol checked before and after we started using your recipes. *** WOW *** He was fairly thin already and so didn’t lose as much weight as I did, but was very happy about the cholesterol improvement.

I accidentally found your old website back in January searching the web for best protein pancakes. I read it all and decided to just try some of your ideas because nothing else was working. (400 calorie menu)

Hearing from my readers and old clients who’ve been able to continue experiencing absolutely phenomenal results is truly the reason I do what I do.

What was particularly impressive in the case of this reader was that she built her own Flex Diet style meal plan from material in my old blog posts.

An awesome reminder of when it comes to improving our diets, a little initiative goes a long way! 


Till next time, train hard and eat clean!