About Me

Graeme Thomas MSc, is a sports nutritionist, personal trainer and creator of The Lean Body Blueprint currently working and living in London, Ontario.

Having worked with Olympians, world class figure and bodybuilding athletes as well as ‘average’ people looking for elite results, Graeme knows firsthand how critical proper programming and support are for optimizing performance.

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Work With Graeme

A native of Montreal, Quebec, Graeme graduated from McGill University with dual majors in psychology and kinesiology, while competing in varsity baseball for 5 seasons.

After his time at McGill, Graeme moved to London, Ontario to pursue a graduate degree in exercise physiology and sports nutrition. While at The University of Western Ontario, he became heavily involved with training and coaching, the perfect marriage between his academic and practical sides.

Graeme has lectured extensively on both everyday and elite nutritional practices. Graeme has been invited to speak for the Ontario Hockey League, Team Canada Rowing, Team Canada Volleyball, The University of Western Ontario track and field, the Richard Ivey School of Business Executive MBA program and at the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, among others.

In addition to lecturing and coaching, Graeme works as a personal trainer at Movati Athletic – London, North, teaches at Fanshawe College, and has recently developed a female body transformation course: The Lean Body Blueprint.

During his formative years, one of Graeme’s mentors frequently reminded him:

“Good enough isn’t, but your best always is.”

To this day it has been a creed by which Graeme has lived his life and it’s an approach he brings to those he works with.