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  • Are you tired of starving yourself and still struggling with stubborn body fat?
  • Sick of doing hours of cardio without seeing much progress? 
  • Wouldn't it be great if you could build the body of your dreams, without feeling tired and run down all the time?

Hi, I'm Graeme. My coaching team specializes in help clients overcome stubborn body fat on the way to stunning body transformations.

Getting You Jaw Dropping Results Is 
My Business!

Are you a busy individual who is fed up with the mountains of conflicting diet and exercise advice out there?

Tired of reading crappy fitness magazines that provide outdated advice and seem more intent on selling you supplements, than actually helping you build a better physique?

Tired of reading crappy fitness magazines that provide outdated advice and seem more intent on selling you supplements, than actually helping you build a better physique?

Or maybe you've worked with a personal trainer before and realized their primary skill the ability to count reps.

Look, I don't blame you if mainstream fitness has left a pretty sour taste in your mouth. When I started coaching over 12 years ago, the industry was filled with a lot of fluff and sadly, not much has changed since then.

Even a quick glance at the fitness marketplace today reveals recommendations for cleanses, detoxes, weight loss programs consisting upon hours upon hours of cardio, magazines touting bodybuilding workouts with enough sets to paralyze a horse... this industry continues to amaze for all the wrong reasons.

But not even your worst enemy deserves this bad info! Getting in shape is enough of a challenge, you don't need to compound it by following some harebrained advice of an internet pseudo guru (who probably lives in his mother's basement, but that's a rant for another day).

What you need is straight forward advice and guidance that's stood the test of time. The kind of programming that in short supply in today's "get rich quick and promise all kinds of ridiculous weight loss results world". 

You Are Unique, Why Should You Get Stuck with a Generic Workout Program?

Many of our premium coaching clients are physique athletes and clients with digestive issues looking to get into the best shape of their lives. These individuals know that generic program design simply isn't going to cut it. For these clients, having access to expert program design and feedback isn't a luxury, it's a necessity.

Keep in mind: these are every day individuals who wanted extraordinary results.

Now we realize not everyone aspires to become a physique competitor, and that's totally fine. But our approach to helping these individuals get into the best shape of their lives is exactly the same philosophy that we use with all of our clients. 

Our Coaching Philosophy 

One of the credos my coaching team lives by is: never sell an impossible dream. Although a good chunk of our clients each year are physique competitors, we regularly counsel applicants not to compete.

Why would we turn down business you might ask?

Simple. We want you to have the best experience possible and if we feel that a more aggressive approach to training or dieting isn't in your best interest, we won't take you through it.

Although we love seeing photographic evidence of impressive client transformations, we are happier in knowing nothing we recommend would ever jeopardize your health for the purpose of looking good for a day or two. 

My entire coaching team prides itself on honesty and transparency throughout the coaching process. We believe communication and commitment are essential to your long-term health and success and it's not something we'd ever put at risk. 

Graeme Thomas, MSc.
Sports Nutritionist

About Graeme

Sports Nutritionist. Professor. Personal Trainer. Coach. With over a decade of coaching experience, Graeme has worked with hundreds of clients ranging from Olympic athletes to individuals attempting to lose weight for the very first time. 

About Shelby

A certified strength and conditioning specialist, pole dancing instructor and email ninja, Shelby oversees much of the day-to-day coaching operations. If you've got a question, you can bet you'll hear back from Shelby before you know it!

Shelby Blom, CSCS.
Precision Nutrition Lvl 1.

A coach should be as committed to your success as you are. Your Results Matter.

We believe that great coaching involves being available for our clients. As such, we limit how many premium clients we ever work with at a given time.

Interested in seeing if we'd be a match, fill out a client application today.

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What People Are Saying About Our Coaching

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“2008 Stratford Middleweight Champion”

“With Graeme's expertise, passion, and in-depth nutritional knowledge, he was able to develop a diet plan that was tailored to fit my lifestyle and easily accommodated my changing dietary needs.

I surpassed my dreams and expectations by winning my bodybuilding show and I can now look back and truly say that without the support Graeme provided I would not have been able to attain this lifelong dream."

Scott MacDonald

“The results of working with Graeme have far exceeded my expectations...”

“Not only have I changed my body shape, losing 16 lbs and close to 5 inches off my midsection but I’ve experienced a dramatic improvement in my mood and energy levels! I never thought my mood and energy were an issue until I felt the benefits of changing my eating habits.

I can’t completely describe the amazing transformation that takes place when you work with Graeme, I can only suggest you just go for it and trust his process. Thank-you Graeme!"

Kelly F.
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Overcame Chronic Bloating”

“Working with Shelby and Graeme truly changed my life. Not only did it change me physically but it also changed me mentally and emotionally. I went through a few “weight” stages in my life and it wasn’t until after working with Shelby and Graeme that I actually felt confident that I had a handle on what I should eat and how I should exercise for my body and mind. 

Not to mention they determined the cause of my severe digestive issues that had plagued me for years. I am forever grateful for all the knowledge and support they gave me. I’ve come a long way thanks to them and I couldn’t be more happy and proud!"

Cindy W.

Benefits of Premium Coaching

Premium coaching goes well beyond simple rep counting. We work together to build a customized meal plan with you based on your dietary preferences, food intolerances and budget. Training cycles are generally programmed in 4 week blocks, but changes can occur as frequently as every 2 weeks or 8 weeks depending on your progress.

  • Expert Guidance.
    We could list a bunch of credentials but who really cares about those? Why not check out some of our client success stories from the past.
  • Personalized programming.
    If you want the same "run of the mill" program hundreds of other people are following, this isn't for you. If you do want a program custom designed and continually updated to maximize your potential, then you are in business. 
  • We guarantee it in writing.
    Yup, we are so confident in the success of the clients we agree to work with that we have a no questions asked 60-day money back guarantee. Follow our program for 60 days and if you aren't happy with the results you are seeing, simply let us know and we'll refund your money. 

60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 60 Day Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't experience a massive change in your health and physique within 60 days, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

Isn't It Time You COMMITTED To Your Success?


It's easy to find a personal trainer. Finding a real coach committed to your success isn't.

In order to ensure we have time to give all our clients the attention they deserve, we only ever open a limited number of coaching spots at any given time. For those clients committed to achieving massive success:

  1. 12 Week Coaching Packages: Although most of our clients stick with us for many months, our minimum commitment is 12 weeks to ensure you have enough time to start to see phenomenal results.
  2. Individualized diet and exercise programs: take the guess work out of your program. Together we build a fully customized program to keep you lean year round. 
  3.  Priority support: continual feedback and support are a hallmark of how our coaching team ensures you reach your goals. 

Become a Premium Coaching Client

Isn't it time you got the guidance and support you deserve? We are so confident in our approach, that if you don't get great results, we'll refund your money! 


12 Weeks

Saving of over $140!

$749 / one time


12 Weeks

3 monthly payments

$299 / month

What Our Clients Think

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Awesome Support, Even When I'm Across the World”

“I cannot do this without you and I am forever grateful. Shelby and Graeme have taught me so many lessons in life and in my diet and working out. I have gone through a lifetime of sports and training with various coaches and nothing and no one has surpassed the professionalism and knowledge of these two amazing people"

Lydia P

“First Time Figure Competitor at 60 Years of Age”

“With Graeme and Shelby's guidance, I lost the layer of body fat (not sure what my final body comp was) that I never thought I would lose and enjoyed the process every step of the way.

I have now made this a part of my lifestyle. I am very happy, not only with my results, but with both Graeme and Shelby for all their expertise and guidance throughout this process. I would fully recommend them to friends who wish to set and attain their goals."

Gail P.
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Get Started With A Client Application

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Please allow 1-2 business days for us to respond to your inquiry. Thanks!

Finding the right coach isn't easy. 

As strongly as we want our clients to be successful, we want you to feel confident in your choice of a coach. Before filling out a client application, please do read through a few athlete profiles on the blog or hit us up for a Skype consult, we're always happy to chat.

Distance Coaching Advantages vs Disadvantages

We are the first ones to acknowledge, distance coaching IS NOT for everyone. But if you are a motivated individual who doesn't want someone standing next to them every time you go to the gym, then you might be a candidate.

The Pros List

  • Available to you no matter where you live. We've worked with clients in Canada, US, South Africa, & Australia!
  • Over 10 years experience coaching Olympians, physique athletes and complex digestive disorders.
  • Much more cost effective than hiring a trainer in the gym
  • Our coaching services come with a 60-day results guarantee.

The Cons List

  • Don't meet face-to-face. But that's ok as you already have good solid background in the gym.
  • You won't get someone to count your reps. 
  • All the money you save can be put towards your retirement savings or something equally boring.
  • You might enjoy risking your money on services that are bound to disappoint. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we meet in person?

I'm interested in doing a show, how long should I give myself?

Can you guys worked around food allergies?

How often does the program change?

After doing a show, what do I need to do to avoid the dreaded rebound?

Do I need access to specialized gym equipment?

P.S.:: Because we place a high premium on ensuring we're available for our clients, we only open a few coaching spots at any given time.

To inquire about our next available spot, simply fill out the application below.

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