Coach Facebook? Weight Loss, Fitness Advice and Other Lessons

This past weekend, I once again had the pleasure of speaking at the University of Western Ontario Exercise and Nutrition Symposium. And once again, the speaking lineup was excellent and featured a variety of hot topics: Exercise Nutrition Symposium.

The last couple of years at this event, I’ve concentrated primarily on the inadequacy of using strict calorie counting approaches for weight loss, as well as the specific challenges females face in trying to lose body fat.

This year, I thought I would take different approach and discuss a few powerful concepts about why we (as the fitness industry) have generally failed with making a significant impact in stemming the increase in obesity rates.

Only I didn’t take the usual approach of throwing out a bunch of boring data and theoretical arguments, instead I focused on drawing a parallel between Facebook and the fitness industry. Specifically, I discussed how coaches should “borrow” liberally from strategies employed by Facebook to become more effective in our own practice.

 *the John referenced in the talk is Dr. John Berardi, head of Precision Nutrition, who gave a talk before me.

I hope you enjoy it!

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Till next time, train hard and eat clean!